Blü Stream Vapo

This state-of-the art and professional facial steamer is designed with an exclusive ozone system that complies with both American and Canadian regulations on air quality standards.
ï‚· Ready to use in 7 minutes
ï‚· Steady and noticeable plume of steam
ï‚· Precise height adjustments
ï‚· Integrated system for essential oils
ï‚· 20-minute timer with audible signal
ï‚· Multiple positioning
ï‚· Constant diffusion of steam
ï‚· Possibility to add water during treatment
ï‚· Ergonomic design
ï‚· 360°double rotating arm and nozzle
ï‚· Stable and ergonomic pneumatic base for better height adjustments
ï‚· Steel-built
ï‚· Fixed arm angle
ï‚· Clear water jar that allows monitoring of the water level
ï‚· 500 ml jar
ï‚· Quiet ozone (O3) generator; controlled ozone levels (low noise)
ï‚· Ability to activate or deactivate the emission of ozone (ON/OFF switch) 
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