EvolutIon 5HD (electrolysis)

Silhouet-Tone is revolutionizing the electrolysis industry through the
use of one-of-a-kind modulations. At two thousandths of a second, they
are the fastest on the market and combine the efficiency of low frequen-
cies with the comfort of high frequencies.

The Evolution in 5 points

1. Ultra-fast modulation at 2/1000 of a second, combined with the
power of a low 5 MHz frequency.
2. The touch screen ensures a simple, tangible and interactive overview
of the treatment.
3. Free WiFi access to the latest updates means being able to take ad-
vantage of an “endless” number of programs!
4. The “post” mode allows users to perform post-epilation desincrusta-
 5. We finally have an environmentally-friendly unit!

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